Stupid Investment Policy of GOP

Sometimes I think the G.O.P. does not realize in order for this country to compete in the global economy of the mid 21st century we will need to utilize every resource available to fend off the relative economic rise of countries like China, India, Brazil, Russia and even Mexico. We are not going to win this competition by squandering resources.

The biggest untapped resource being wasted is the millions of citizens living at or near poverty that today are most worried about living day to day. The Republicans have no problem with giving subsidies to oil companies to keep drilling for oil so it will be inexpensive to fill up their tank tomorrow. We recognize that some oil wells come up dry, but that is part of the cost of doing business

That same Republican rants about providing food stamps to our greatest resource, our citizens, so they can get past thinking about feeding their family and begin to invest in their families future.That same Republican is against providing funds for early school education so we are better able to keep up with China 15 to 20 years from now.

It is time us Republicans become wiser investors in this countries resources. I guess we do not put much value on human capital included in the 47% Romney referred to during the campaign. We are short-term thinkers.

The way we account for spending also contributes to our short-term thinking. When Dwight Eisenhower's administration spent billions of dollars to build our interstate highway system it was all recorded as an expediture on the day it was paid out. When a corporation spends millions to expand its plant, equipment and parking lot it identified the cost of construction as an asset that will provide a return on investment over several decades. Any investment we make in human capital today will provide a return on the investment over decades, maybe centuries, to come.

Republicans have a hard time adapting their "every man for himself" concept. That is not what they preach while running and managing their corporation. Instead, they preach teamwork to achieve the goals of the entity. Their objective is to optimize the return on all assets available to the entity, including human assets. That is what the entity called the United States of America needs to do.


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