Organize For Action Belittles President

Organize For Action (OFA), a new non-profit "social welfare" group, has a stated objective of promoting what the countries agenda and objectives should be per Barack Obama. The new organization has no limits on who can donate and how much they can donate. The rationale used for forming such an organization is the "far right" has such organizations and this new non-profit helps level the playing field so the President can move forward with his agenda.

In politics money corrupts, significant money corrupts significantly. During one of his state of the union addresses the president called out the Supreme Court for the way they voted on the Citizens United case, which basically opened the door for unlimited and uncontrolled contributions to politicians, political parties and political agendas.

I believe that Barack Obama made a significant mistake in agreeing to the creation of Organize For Action. I doubt my disagreeing is going to change anyone's mind. Therefore, I urge OFA to make as a high priority of theirs the promotion of a constitutional amendment that puts spending limits on campaign contributions.

We have gotten to a point where our elected officials spend more time campaigning for reelection than legislating and governing. Something is wrong with this equitation. Creating entities such as OFA compounds the problem.


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