Corruption of Obama

Organizing For Action, a new non-profit "social welfare" group, is a direct descendant of Organize For America, President Obama's campaign organization for 2008 and 2012. The difference is the new organization has no limitations on who can donate money and how much they can give. It is their hope that at least half the money raised will be from contributors of $500,000 or more. Some will say Obama can no longer claim to be an innocent virgin and in fact may be a prostitute. I agree!

The individuals running the organization will be the familiar names of Obama's campaign team; Jim Messina, Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe and Joe Carson. i suspect that a major difference of how the two organizations will operate is I will not be receiving a daily email asking for a $5 donation like I did from Organize For America.

Our government in Washington does not work and the principle cause of this ineptness is money. Now this outsider, President Obama, has become an insider and mastered the art of buying power. The next question is whether the Supreme Court can also be bought and thus be able to cash in on this gold rush. I can see it now, a new "social welfare group" called Justices For Justice.


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