Assault Vs. Hunting Rifle

What is the difference between an assault rifle and a hunting rifle? Up until now I was opposed to banning semi-automatic "assault rifles" because other than looks it was my belief that there was nothing different about them compared to other semi-automatics. After further investigation, I have changed my mind.
AR-15 Assault Rifle
Our citizenry has no reason for owning and using a semi-automatic "assault rifle"..

Hunting Rifle .30-06
It is not just the caliber or the automatic fire capability that makes a weapon an assault rifle. An assault rifle is designed to kill people who are enemies of this country and to give our soldiers a competitive advantage.

Often times when our soldiers are in a shoot out in Iraq or Afghanistan they are in a town fighting from building to building and in close quarters going room to room. The assault weapon is specifically designed for this type of fie fight.

The pistol grip and the collapsible stock make the gun more adaptable to close quarters like a home in Pakistan where a hunted man is pursued or a classroom in an elementary school or on a college campus. Above is a comparison of the two guns. I do not profess that the comparison is complete; however, it demonstrates that the AR-15 rifle is made for close quarter assault on other human beings who may also be armed. My conclusion is that for a gun like the AR-15 to be sold to the general public, the following modifications must be made.

Minimum Barrel Length: 20 inches
Minimum Total Gun Length: 40 inches
Pistol Grip: Not Allowed.
Collapsible Stock: Not Allowed
Maximum Clip: 6 Rounds
Top Handle: Not Allowed.

In its present form, the sole purpose is to kill other human beings.


  1. Sports cars are made for the sole purpose of exceeding speed limits and committing moving violations. This does not prevent everyday citizens from purchasing and using them within the confines of the letter of the law.


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