Obama: Lead and Communicate

Obama is our leader and it is up to him to address and solve our many problems including our long-term debt problem and our sputtering current economy. To do this he must communicate; communicate with congress and the citizens. The Republican congress will resist and this is where "The People" come into play. While interacting with Congress he needs to have an ongoing honest conversation with the people of this country concerning our future. The voter will bring congress around.

The discussion needed is not one or two speeches from the White House or some runway tarmac. He needs to compile a professional team to help with this communications campaign to the public so they can grasp the complexities and the long term importance of the economic issues we face.

The good news is he has worked with such a team. This includes David Plouffe, Jim Messina, Dan Axelrod and the many others who are responsible for Obama's reelection. Without them he would not be President. Put them back to work.... http://j.mp/Pep-1


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