Obama and Justice Roberts

President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts are not so different. Their jobs are different. The President sees things as they are and wants to improve them for the individual. The Chief Justice sees the Constitution as it is written, along with its amendments, and strives to enforce it fairly. He does not make judgments about whether it is "right" or "just".

I am baffled by how we treat the Constitution. It is a document created over 200 years ago; the writers were smart enough to know that it was impossible to comprehend what the world and country would be like centuries later and so they provided a provision to amend it when the country deemed it necessary.

As a nation, we treat the Constitution as if it s the bible; its contents are the word of God and no human dare change it. We need to be more comfortable amending the constitution as we deem fit. There is no reason why the document should not be amended to reverse Citizens United and other rulings that may stand up to the muster of the original Constitution, but not to what makes sense today.

Do not blame Justice Roberts and the other members of the Supreme Court for enforcing the Constitution. Blame ourselves for not making the necessary changes to the document to reflect life in the 21st century.

I respect men like Justice Roberts and Scalia. It has to be tempting to apply your own feelings and prejudices to each ruling.. http://j.mp/121115-1


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