Inauguration and Corporations

President Obama is committing some of the same sins of his first term. He should not be accepting contributions, that look like bribes, from corporations and Oligarchs to pay for his inauguration for his second term. It sends a message to the voters and members of other political persuasions that he can be bought. The result will be that President Obama will lose credibility with members of the legislature and the general public.

Obama should not be surprised when he negotiates with John Boehner about raising taxes on the rich and protecting the middle class Boehner has a grin on his face and says "right Mr. President, who was it that funded your inauguration?" Your acceptance of these bribes hurts your bargaining position when it comes to raising taxes on the top 2% in the country. How will your opponents be able to respect you when you say one thing and do another?

Further, your acceptance of these bribes by Goldman Sachs and other greedy wall street firms and banks will slow you down when it comes to demanding retribution for their involvement in creating the housing crisis and the downfall of the economy. Yes, I am assuming that this is on your agenda.

If you have any desire to go down in history as one of our great Presidents, not just our first black President, you will refuse these bribes and have an elegant, but fairly inexpensive, inauguration. If you  decide not to go this route, the only remaining justification for me supporting you in this past election is you were better than the alternative.

I hope you do the right thing.


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