Obama's Personality Flaw.

Barack Obama showed some weaknesses during the first debate that he needs to control if the country is to make headway on debt sequestration and other issues. In an article in the New York Times, referring to how badly Obama did in the first debate, it says,
"He emerged newly combative, newly contrite and newly willing to recognize how his disdain for Mr. Romney had blinded him to his opponent’s strengths and ability to inflict damage.", New York Times, How A Race In The Balance Went To Obama, November 8, 2012
This kind of attitude does not sit well with members of the opposite party when you are trying to carve out a deal on debt reduction that will have an impact on generations. Compromise is in order and if you do not respect your opponents the attitude shows and you lose; just like he lost the first debate. In our country we have three branches of government and they share power.

The President must reach out to John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Mickey Cantor. They must do the same or no deal will be made. The first order of  business is to push the sequestration date back to at least March 31, 2013. The decisions are too important to be rushed to meet a self imposed deadline. The country and our financial markets need to see a change in mood in Washington. They must gain confidence that we have leaders that can work together and get things done.

Everyone has been saying that business is reluctant to invest because of the political uncertainty in Washington. Debt reconciliation is at the heart of this uncertainty. The solution is a balanced approach of spending cuts and revenue increases. Representative Boehner has already come out and indicated that he would be in favor of some revenue increase as long as they are reasonable and as long as there are also spending cuts.

President Obama should also be willing to put his recently passed Health Care Plan on the table and be willing to look at common sense adjustments to it including allowing health insurance companies to compete across state lines and breaking up health care crony capitalists where they exists.

Washington, get to work and do what is right for the country. Your year long paid leave of absence to campaign is officially over.


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