Obama Endorsement

Here is why you should be still supporting Obama.

1. The alternative is worse. Romney changes positions based on who he is talking to or trying to influence. I want a President that is consistent about his core values and whose objective is to do what is best for the country. I cannot rely on Romney doing that.

2. Obama made mistakes in his first term. He became intoxicated with how the country, and the world, became enamored with him before he did anything in office. To some extent, he took the mandate by which he won the election, and his Nobel Peace Prize, as a free pass to do whatever he wanted without consulting with the other branches of government and the other party. He has been detoxed during this election and much of his first term. He knows he must act and lead. Many will not agree with this conclusion and I say Obama is too wise not to have learned and it would be a mistake to throw his experience out with the bathwater.

3. He will not be encumbered with running for office again. The Presidency is a unique job in that you are hired for four years and allowed to spend 80% of your time in the last year seeking your next job; reelection. Romney is very political and analytical. If he wins, the government will be off for a voters holiday for much of 2016. I am disappointed that Obama did this; however, why repeat it.

4. The world has significantly changed in the last 15 years and Obama is better suited to lead us at this time in history. Global economic competition has exploded with the obvious example of China. There are other nations that we must compete with including the other BRIC nations of Russia, Brazil and India. Further, nations in southern Africa are experiencing strong economic growth mainly as a result of their rich natural resources that are much in demand. I suspect over the next quarter century we will see the Mideast also experience strong improvement in their economies. Obama's multi cultural and racial background puts him in a better position to guide us in this new era.

The fact that Obama spent part of his youth on the streets of Jakarta, whose population is 87% muslim, gives him a unique perspective of this religion and will help him guide us in better understanding and co-existing with this major religion. Many consider this background to be threatening. My statement to them is, do you believe in religious freedom or not? Our constitution protects freedom of religion and it behooves us to get over our hang-ups. I guess if you don't you will vote for Romney.

5. The Mideast is going to be a challenge for years to come. Many of the obstacles in this part of the world gestated from us supporting repressive regimes to have access to their oil. We are beginning to acknowledge this error and Obama's unique experiences will help the world get through this difficult period.

6. Obama is a good person and so is Romney. Obama is better suited to lead us.


  1. I agree that Obama is the better person. I am hoping that at least 51% americans' do too.


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