There should be hearings held on Benghazi and the cut in security budgets should be part of the review. It is very easy to rush to judgement on this issue. There are several issues related to the attack that have made the news.

Blaming it on The Video: Initially the White House blamed the riot on a video made in the United States and posted on Youtube that denigrated the Prophet Muhammad, resulting in riots in Egypt with the alleged result that the riots spilled over into Libya. This was proven wrong and it was a terrorist attack. If there was a deliberate attempt to mislead the public we should find out why and who was the perpetrator. If it was a simple error and a rush to calm the public let's learn from the error and move on.

Request for Additional Security: Was there a request by Ambassador Stevens or his aides for additional security and if so, why was it denied? There are some Republicans claiming that if an Ambassador requests more security he should get it. This is an easy answer after the fact and it is wrong. The Administration, at a higher level, has a responsibility of reviewing all budget requests and making a decision as to how best to allocate the nation's limited resources. The single fact that an Ambassador is dead because of an attack on an embassy is not proof that a wrong decision was made. Good decisions, in any walk in life, are made all the time with the
wrong results. We live in an imperfect world without the ability to foretell the future. That does not make the decision wrong. It is worthwhile to review the decision making process with the intention of improving it, but to conclude that the result proves the wrong decision was made is just not correct.

Were Lies Told For Political Advantage? A review of this issue is worthy of review and appropriate action should be taken based on the result.


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