Romney Wins Debate

Mitt Romney won the first debate. He started out aggressive and did not stop. Everyone has to ask where was the real Barack Obama. Romney started off with an untruth and that may have thrown Obama off his game.

According to the Tax Policy Center, if you cut tax rates by 20 percent as proposed under the Romney plan, you give wealthy Americans a multi billion-dollar tax break. After taking away all of their credits and loopholes, they still do not owe the government as much as they did before. If the rich are paying less, then the poor and middle class pay more in order to raise the same amount of money. Romney says this would be offset by a faster growing economy, which most economists disagree with.

When someone denies the facts, other than calling him a liar, there is not much you can do.

Secondly, Obama's performance was thrown off by Jim Lehrer losing the ability to control Romney from talking past his allotted time and commenting on what Barack Obama was saying even when Romney was out of order. Perhaps Obama needed to launch a complaint to Lehrer; however, out of respect for the moderator, who is a true living legend of journalism, Obama may have chosen not too.

Whatever the reason, Obama needs to do better. This race is too close for Obama not to improve. Even Obama'a mannerisms were awkward. He did not look at Romney or make eye contact with the camera enough. He kept looking at his notes. Obama was so much out of character that I keep trying to find some logical reason for consciously using that approach and I could not come up with one.

Last night Barack Obama gave Mitt Romney an opening and that was a mistake.


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