Romney The Moderate

Think beyond Romney getting your vote and assume he becomes President. How does the Congress and Senate work with him? Under our form of government not much gets done without compromise. It becomes very difficult to reach an accord with someone when you do not trust he will follow through on what he says.

The squabbles between the President and the Republicans over these past four years have been primarily of philosophy. There is a serious divide in vision between the Democrats and Republicans as to how to move the country forward. The Republicans have refused to break their pledge to Grover Norquist saying they will never raise taxes, including to help solve our debt crisis.

This problem of the government not working together is compounded when one side cannot trust the other when commitments are made. This is surely something the Democrats need to worry about, but so should the Republicans. The Republicans need to review the shifts Romney has made over the last two years to get nominated, and now in his attempt to get elected to the Presidency, and decide whether they trust him.

Romney is a transaction guy. He has made his fortune doing one time transactions with a party to buy a company and then move on to the next transaction. There is no need to worry about a long term relationship with the person you are dealing with across the table. Once the deal is done, he is out of your life. Politics and governance are different.
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