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Let's jog our collective memories. Two reasons we are in such a financial mess right now is Iraq and Afghanistan. There are others, but the two wars cost us dearly. We should never have gone into Iraq and if we focused on Afghanistan all along, we would have been out by now. This would have resulted in saving billions of dollars and thousands of lives.

Further, the last time I checked, Israel is not a state or territory of the United States. It is an ally. Democracy is coming to other countries in the region and we must take their needs into consideration if we want them as allies. Israel needs to work with us and its neighbors to create a Palestinian state. The time for Israel to stall on this matter is over.

The President should not be publicly drawing a red line where once Iran crosses we attack their nuclear facilities. That would be stupid and unnecessarily box us in a corner. I am confident Iran knows where the red line is drawn. If they cross it, they will hear the bombers. As of this moment, Romney nor Benayahu have any right to know where that line is drawn. For our national security, Romney should know better. Once again, he demonstrates he will say anything if he believes it gives him an edge in next month's election; even if it puts our nations policies and soldiers in peril.

There is talk from Romney that Obama is "leading from behind" and we should be leading from the front. Hindsight says leading from behind was very successful in Libya. We provided air power and the Libyan people took care of Gaddafi. No American lives were lost, Gaddafi is gone and the people of Libya are grateful. Mr. Romney, what would you have done different; send in troops so we could lead from the front increasing the cost in both dollars and human life? I wish we always could lead from behind and be so successful.

Romney also spoke concerning Benghazi. He stated that the Administration was slow labeling it a terrorist attack and there is talk our embassy in Libya asked for additional security but was turned down by the Administration. It seems in times like those in Libya where our Ambassador is killed there should be no rush to judgement and that includes blaming it on a video released in Los Angeles. However, it is far better to error on the side of the video release than to immediately call it a terrorist attack and find out later it was not.

If indeed the embassy asked for additional security you can bet that there is no one who regrets not giving it to them more than President Obama. If that is the case, I am sure he thinks about it often and wishes he would have granted their request. However, there is a reason why our founding fathers made the President the Commander-in-chief. There are Republicans, and some Democrats, that like to say the President should grant everything our military ask for, after all, they are the ones who are putting their life on the line. Our Democracy does not work that way. The people are in charge, not the military.

If the Ambassador did make such a request, it does not necessarily mean that the President made the wrong decision based on the information available. We do not live in a perfect world. Not every decision we make will have outcomes we hope for. In an imperfect world wrong decisions are made, but they could be the best decision at the time.

Romney also sounds "Bush like" when speaking of Syria. What does he want Obama to do, attack the Syrian government? The President is sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States. Where does it say that he should spend our treasury to save people from dictators in other countries. Second, how do you propose he pays for it?

Our country is in an economic mess with many people out of work and struggling to get by. We made the mistake of financing two wars over the last ten years with borrowed money. Do you propose we do it again?

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