Oligarchs And Capitalism

It was inevitable big money would rule politics once Citizens United was ratified as the law of the land. It is the culmination of the oligarchs of big business taking over our free markets. As a result of not enforcing antitrust laws these crony capitalist have taken over what use to be free markets.

Their next step was to take over the political process by buying politicians and control the regulators who are the referees having responsibility to keep our free markets free. Citizens United allowed these oligarchs to do just that. This country, in total unison, demanded the experienced referees in the NFL be brought back immediately after the first week of the season when their replacements made several game changing blunders. Yet, little is said about the lack of enforcing antitrust laws.

The founder of capitalism, Adam Smith, and one its strongest proponents, Milton Friedman, both acknowledged that free markets needed a referee in order to function properly. Now the crony capitalist are beginning to control the politicians that control the referees.

The United States was founded on the principle that everyone is born with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Early on our forefathers decided the best economic model to reach these pursuits was capitalism. Free markets was chosen to best attain the nations economic objectives. Capitalism is here to serve society. Society is not here to serve capitalism.


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