Last Debate Obama & Romney

Obama won the last two debates, but will not recover all he lost to Romney in the first debate. Romney's policy continues to be what he perceives voters want to hear and that changes daily.

There are two major issues facing the country:

1. How we get the economy on solid footing and overcome the disparity in income distribution?

2. How we handle the evolution of the governance of countries in the Middle East going from dictatorships to other forms of rule?

The income disparity problem and the lackluster performance of the economy is related. The more concentrated wealth, the more demand for goods and services will decline. The more competition is reduced, the more concentrated power and less competitive we become as our GDP falls relative to the world. WHY WOULD WE ELECT SOMEONE FOR PRESIDENT WHO IS PART OF THE 1%?

Who will be best at handling the mess in the Middle East depends alot on their personal backgrounds and experiences?

Mitt Romney's entire life experience has been as a member of the upper class establishment that benefited the most from the Middle East dictators at the expense of the ordinary citizens who have come to power through the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring is similar to our own original "Tea Party" in Boston Harbor.

President Obama spent part of his youth on the streets of Jakarta, whose population is 87% muslim, and has a unique perspective that will help guide us in co-existing with this major religion of the region. More

The choice is clear.


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