Drones Saving Lives

We are in a war in Afghanistan and I do not understand why many in our country and the rest of the world are upset we are using drones to kill targets that are our enemy and threaten the lives of our soldiers and the mission of the war.

If we did not have drones we, in many cases, would be sending in ground troops or doing more traditional bombing raids. This would not only result in the killing of more American and allied troops but also more innocent civilians. Look at how many civilians were killed during World War II with the bombing of London, Dresden and Hiroshima.

War is hell. One of its objectives is to destroy the enemy. It is not a computer game where afterwards the opponents have a shot and beer together. As a result of using drones fewer innocent people are killed on both sides. Ask the innocent survivors of Hiroshima whether they would have preferred we use more precision killing machines than the atom bomb that obliviates everything within a wide radius.

What we really need to do is get out of Afghanistan. In the meantime, the use of drones minimizes the loss of lives compared to any alternative including letting the enemy live.


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