Obama's Edge Over Romney

Romney will have a tough time overcoming the lack of trust that the electorate has of him. Yes, the country should have done better than it did these past four years and Obama shares the blame; but let's recognize for much of that time he was dealing with a congress focused more on regaining the White House than addressing the issues facing the country.

Mitt Romney, has demonstrated he is a short term thinker ignoring the long term consequences of what he is saying. He is focused more on what he needs to do today to get more votes than on what impact his proposals have on the long term future of our nation. In his career he has been focused on one deal at a time and saying what is needed to get the deal done. He has not grasped the idea that what he says in Florida will be heard by the remainder of the world the next day or month. Mr. Romney gives the impression that he is more concerned about getting elected than he is about what he must do after he is elected.

Perhaps we made a mistake and Hillary Clinton should have been elected in 2008. McCain was not the right choice because of the running mate he chose. It showed poor judgement because of his age and Palin's lack of experience.

Frankly, her nomination caused me to switch my support to Obama. I did not want Sarah Palin to be one step away from the nuclear button.

Today we must look forward. Obama is much wiser than he was four years ago and he is a quick learner. Further, we should recall that very few Presidents took office during an eye of a storm than did Obama.

The economy in 2008 was in a free fall that started only sixty days prior to the election. During the time between the election and the President's inauguration decisions had to be made to avert a depression. George Bush, Barack Obama and their advisers deserve credit for pulling the economy from the brink while at the same time making a transition to a new administration. This says allot about what a great nation we are.

Further, let us not forget that Obama will not be up for reelection in 2016. This is a huge benefit for the country. It means that President Obama will not be distracted from doing what is right for the country even if it means that the decision will hamper his chances of retaining the office. The country benefits by having a President that is not sidetracked by politics. In this past election cycle the President was elected for a four year term and for the past year his focus, and the focus of all other politicians in Washington, was on reelection. This is not the fault of Obama. Our method of electing a President needs to be changed. Citizens United needs to be repealed, President's need to be allowed to run for only one six year term and the campaign season needs to be shortened.

Obama's attempts to solve our debt problems was hampered by a Congress that took their oath to Grover Norquist not to raise taxes more seriously than their oath to the American people to do what is right for the country. The nature of our political system is such that the President must get the approval of both the House and Senate in order to pass legislation. When Congress refuses to use one of the tools available to reduce debt, raising taxes on the wealthy, it makes in impossible to solve the problem.

Yes, President Obama made the mistake of allowing health care reform to get in the way of further addressing the economic free fall. My guess, and it is only a guess, is that he made a commitment to Ted Kennedy that he would get the health care legislation passed that Mr. Kennedy strived to do for much of his career. Obama should have realized, given the circumstances of the moment, Ted Kennedy would have been OK with delaying action on health insurance.

In summary, Obama has made mistakes from which he has learned; however, Romney cannot be trusted to do what is right for the country and the current President has the advantage of not needing to worry about a future election. Further, Obama has a clearer vision as to what needs to be done.


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