Obama Deserves to Win

The Democratic convention  gave me cause to think about two phrases that Albert Eisenstein was fond of. One of them was what he said and the other hung on his wall at Princeton.

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts." (Sign hanging in Einstein's office at Princeton)
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

The above quotes sum up my feelings why I will be voting for Obama. Obama is like Steve jobs; they both possess the conceptual skills needed to lead. While Steve Jobs was turning Apple into a success story, there were thousands of people who knew the workings of computer technology better than he did; however, no one better understood what the consumer (citizen) needed then Steve Jobs.

I was able to crystallize in my mind why Obama will be a better President. Both men are intelligent and decent human beings. Barack Obama is better capable of understanding what makes America a great nation and what must be done for us to prosper.

This vision allows him to better lead us to where we want to go. I was disappointed that Barack Obama was not specific. He still has not articulated clear objectives. We expect our President to have well thought out goals and we want to understand what they are.

I lost sleep dwelling on this. What woke me up was the answer. In order to accomplish their goals, both President Obama and Mitt Romney must first become President and they have made the decision that it is too risky to be explicit as to what they want to accomplish. They are fearful of losing more votes than they gain by baring their soul.

As a voter, I want to know their objectives. As someone who wants my candidate to win, I understand, even though it is frustrating, the strategy of purposefully lacking specificity.


  1. Are you sure you are making the right choice here? Our President has allowed just as much or more more consolidation over his term than his predecessor on the basis of numbers of Hart/Scott/Rodino filings. Every time this Administration gets a competent antitrust chief, that person get an offer they can't refuse to move into private practice and make a ton of money. The antitrust laws were a Republican idea, afterall.

  2. I have more trust in Obama. For one thing, he will not be running again so he does not need to hit them up for campaign contributions. I am also counting on him learning a lesson.

    Romney/Ryan will be too obliged to his big donors.

  3. Mr. President Obama had more than enough years to be more successful in implementing so many other kinds of outstanding deals/ energy/ oil/ going green technologies...I AM DISPPOINTED IN HIS CARELESS N WRECKLESS POLICIES THAT HAVE TOO MANY REGULATIONS AND RED TAPE N NOBODY PROFITS FROM BUT THE RICH AND ELITES...sorry/ this my opinion. We could be the Greatest Nation leading with all this terrific technologies/ but he chops to look the other way and did not lead people who know businesses and run them have a voice in his decision making. The voices Mr. President seem to listen to mostly were from higher elites who never were successful business people but, only became successful from investments and profits that only seem to benefit them.


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