Libya Free Speech and Romney

Yesterday on the NPR/WBUR talk show "On Point" Christopher Dickey, Paris Bureau Chief and Middle East Regional Editor for Newsweek/Daily Beast, made a comment worth sharing. The Supreme Court ruled that shouting fire in a crowded theater is not permitted under the first amendment. With the creation of the internet and You Tube the world has become the theater.

We in this country have had free speech since the founding of our nation. Therefore, when some crazy guy says some crazy things we tend to yawn and go on with our lives. This is not true in the Mideast. They are just now being introduced to the freedoms we have had forever. We need to be sensitive to this even as Mitt Romney tries to gain political advantage of this tragedy.

I guess I should recognize that crazy people will say crazy things. Hopefully most voters will recognize Romney's lack of sensitivity to the situation and put him in a position where he can freely go on vacation again with his dog strapped to the roof of the car without secret service intrusions.


  1. The Film-Makers were naïve-- and that is giving them credit for not being deliberately inspiring violence.

    Romney's "free-speech" was free of Constitutuional Knowledge and U.S. Government Intelligence. Therefore, arguing out of ignorance -- commiting a logical fallacy called Argumentum ad Ignoratium (elementary decision making issue).

    Romney's intent subjugated regard for U.S. National Security; therefore proving his background is one of esoteric consumption.

    In other words, he is not a statesman, nor a diplomat of foreign affairs, but for a masking smile. Just a pretty face.

  2. Ozzie ... Good comment. I had to refer to my dictionary several times while reading it, but I like.

  3. " the Mideast. They are just now being introduced to the freedoms we have had forever. We need to be sensitive to this."

    I disagree. These Mideast countries have been around since long before the US or Democracy, and they've sat back and watched much of the world advance, while they remain under the thumbs of military dictators or feudal monarchs. Nobody argues that freedom to express oneself, freedom to pursue one's dreams, freedom to worship (among others) are wrong; so, why set the bar so low for our Mideast neighbors? Instead, set it up there with our bar, and give them something to which they can aspire.


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