Europe Unite!

Europe needs to form a more perfect political union. A fiscal plan will only work if there is a political plan. It is time to find out if it is possible to unite parts of Europe under one political body. The only way to do this is to have the citizens of each country vote on whether they want to join such a union.

The individual nations of Europe are too small to compete against countries such as China and the United States. The future tells us that the remaining BRIC nations, Brazil, Russia and India, will soon be competitors that will dwarf the present European nations.
In fifty years add some up coming nations in Africa and just think if Egypt, Iran, Jordan and other Mideast countries decide to unite.

It is not necessary, and maybe not even worthwhile, for all countries in Europe to unite under one political system; however, if it is going to work, Germany and France are a must. It is time to quit playing cat and mouse and take the issue to the people of Europe for a vote. Start the vote in France and Germany.


  1. People are worried about corruption at the European level. Lagard is already implicated in corruption, and MEPs get huge wages that are certainly not justifiable. Countries are not ready for a full union because they fear what has already happened... a Europe providing only for certain countries and certain individuals. I used to be very pro-european, but I now believe countries must leave the euro. So many decisions at the european level are political wrangling.


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