Romney: Mr. Transaction

The "what do you want to hear" candidate is at it again. The biggest issue in this campaign is trust. Romney comes across as a "transaction guy", instead of a "relationship guy". Reagan, Clinton, Bush Sr., George W. and Obama are all relationship guys. People who are transaction oriented tend to focus on the deal. They want to sell you a house, sell you a used car or sell you a mortgage. 

They don't think beyond the single transaction. As a result they get away with over promising. When Bain was negotiating to buy a company they knew they would not be dealing with the seller again so they could promise anything. Romney became successful at it.

The relationship focused person is in it for the long haul and knows that the people he is dealing with today will be around tomorrow. He is looking to accomplish more than one transaction with the group he is interacting with. Therefore, trust is important.

Below are two quotes; one from Romney while in Israel and the other from a reporter in December 2011. Ask yourself, is the statement by Romney directed more at getting votes or were they made to help address the serious issues in the middle east. More


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