Occupy Wall Street Awake

Here is how it is.

Here is what must be done.

1. Prohibit Corporations and Unions From Financing Political Campaigns by Amending The Constitution
2. Enforce Anti-Trust Laws against Oligopolies & Monopolies!
3. Bring Our Deficit Under Control and amend tax code!

The above are long term goals that will eventually bring more equally to the economy. The above goals will not be accomplished overnight and we need to do something that will bring the unemployment rate down now. We need to invest in infrastructure for our future and for jobs now. Read More


  1. Warmest congratulations to those individuals that take the time to express their heartfelt concern.

    I share their concern, have all my life.

    To better times...

  2. Sandy, let me help you make better times. I am only a few years younger than you. If we both walked down the street naked most would not notice and those that do would shake their head in disgust.

    You have a chance to change this. Let me help.



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