Obama Getting Groove Back

This is best news I heard in some time. Per Walter Shapiro on Yahoo! News today titled, Barack is not impressed: The president’s reluctance to kowtow to the very rich
"The New Yorker succinctly summarizes the Democratic problem in its headline: “SCHMOOZE OR LOSE–Obama doesn’t like cozying up to billionaires. Will it cost him the election?” The Politico e-book, “Obama’s Last Stand,” by Glenn Thrush makes the identical point about the President: “He was also hurt by his own aversion to massaging demanding Democratic donors–many of them Clinton Democrats who never liked him in the first place.”"
This compares to Paul Ryan and his running mate making statements about crony capitalism, but taking action showing they are part of the cronies.

Obama, if you keep acting like that you might just get elected.


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