August 11, 2012

Nine Questions To Romney/Ryan

1. Are many banks too big to fail and should we consider breaking them up??
2. Is the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United OK, or should it be repealed?
3. Should anti-trust legislation be implemented to break up monopolies and oligopolies?
4. Should we get out of Afghanistan?
5. Do free markets need an umpire as ascribed by Milton Friedman: "But we cannot rely on custom or conscious alone to interpret and enforce the rules; we need an umpire. These then are the basic role of government in a free society; to provide a means where we can modify rules, to mediate differences among us on the meaning of rules, and to enforce compliance with the rules on the part of those few who otherwise would not play the game."
6. Should the health care law be amended to bust up the oligopolies in the insurance industry?
7. What is more important to our long term survival; education or military?
8. Should there be no tax increases on the super wealthy?
9. Do you believe Goldman Sachs should not be prosecuted for their involvement in the mortgage sub-prime fiasco?

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