"...President Obama, whose foreign policy I normally admire, has been behind the curve in responding to the humanitarian crises in Syria and the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Granted, there aren’t good options in either place, but bad options shouldn’t be an excuse for the even worse option of doing nothing.", Rousing The White House On Syria And Sudan, New York Times, June 9, 2011, Nicholas Kristof

What would you like the President to do? First, he is sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States. Where does it say that he should spend our treasury to save people from dictators in other countries. Second, how do you propose he pays for it?

Our country is in an economic mess with many people out of work and struggling to get by. We made the mistake of financing two wars over the last ten years with borrowed money. Do you propose we do it again?

We have cities in this country, like Detroit, that are convulsing with more Americans being murdered then are dying in Afghanistan. Instead of focusing the nations attention and resources on these humans, who are our citizens, should we spend our treasury and American lives saving the people of Syria from their dictator and let our children live in fear of rape and death?

We have a debt problem that threatens social security, medicare and food stamps. These programs need to be cut back significantly in order to get our fiscal house in order. Should the President cut them back even further in order to help the citizens of Syria get rid of their dictator?

Our education system is falling behind other countries and if this is not addressed so will our standard of living. Should we forgo improving the education of our children in order to help the people of Syria?

It is hell living with limited resources and needing to make choices as to how we spend our money. This is the reality of today. More:


  1. I agree. We have been the military for the free world for too long. Germany, England, Japan and South Korea need to start paying their fair share.


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