Our Leader Is Us

Washington is out of control and It is up to us.

We are taught to think for ourselves, make wise choices, government is of the people, for the people and by the people and our government is set up with checks and balances so power cannot be abused.

We lost sight we the people have the power to change those things that we do not like. We complain how money is corrupting power and causing grid lock. We complain oligopolies are slowly gaining control of Washington and sucking away our rights, destroying the notion of one man and one vote and replacing it with one dollar one vote.

It is time to wake up. The basis on which this country was founded is unchanged. The governing document is still the constitution. We still have a right to vote, to amend the constitution, to say no to leaders refusing to lead for the good of the people. These are actions of a good citizen who does not follow blindly. To quote Ronald Reagan, "trust but verify". Action must to be taken. Us citizens have not decided to take action. For someone to be a good citizen, one must be willing to take action when appropriate.

Our leaders look at their jobs as a vocation instead of an advocation. Instead of advocating what is best for its citizens, our leaders often choose what is in their personal financial interest.

Things in Washington will not change until us "mainstreeters" conclude that we have had enough and are not going to take it anymore. Unbridled power corrupts. http://bit.ly/FF1206ubpc


  1. WE are all tired of defining the problem. It is time it be solved.


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