Does Race Provide Special Privilege?

For the record I am white and supported Obama in 2008 and will again this year. He has made mistakes; however, he has learned from them and is a better choice than Romney. The first time I voted was in 1968 and until 2008 I always voted Republican for President.

The white race in this country needs to be given credit for helping Obama to get elected. Many of us ignored race and decided he was the best qualified. Without that support he would still be in the senate.The nations economy and budget is a mess. All of the nations expenditures need to be reviewed and questioned. Providing food and shelter for the very needy is justified by our Judeo-christian heritage.

What needs to be addressed is whether the nation needs to continue to pay retribution to the black race for the sins of slavery and segregation. There are government programs, that came out of the sixties, that are geared towards trying to correct the errors of the past. We must decide whether the nation still has special obligations to our black citizens as a result of allowing slavery for more than 200 years and discrimination far beyond that. This is where the debate lies. More:


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