What is Election2012 About

Obama is a moderate not pretending to be anything else. Romney is a moderate who pretends to be whatever his audience is on any given day or moment. During the primary he was a right wing radical. Now he is backing away from that. Let's face it, he was elected Governor of Massachusetts, which is not the harbor of right wing radicals.

Obama has made mistakes due to his lack of experience in 2008. Since then, he has gained experience, has moved to the center and has a clear idea of what needs to be done. Pushing for health care reform right out of the box was a big mistake when the economy was being flushed down the toilet. How many Presidents took office when the period between the election and inauguration was in such turmoil?

I believe many voters understand this history, are ready to forgive him for the mistakes made for a lack of experience and now want to benefit from the hard knocks of the past four years. Many voters also believe we need a President who does not need to think about his next election campaign.

Further, if you take into account the hidden problems of four years ago, we indeed are better off today. More: http://bit.ly/FF1112bo


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