China Winning More Than Chess Game

“When China suddenly began cutting back its purchases of oil from Iran in the last month, officials in the Obama administration were guardedly optimistic, seeing the move as the latest in a string of encouraging signs from Beijing on sensitive security issues like Syria and North Korea, as well as on politically fraught economic issues like China’s exchange rate.
 As with so many signals from Beijing, though, its underlying motives for reducing its imports of Iranian oil remain a mystery: Are the Chinese embracing Western sanctions? Or, as some experts suspect, are they trying to extract a better price from one of their main suppliers of crude?” New York Times, U.S. Sees Positive Signs From China on Security Issues, By MARK LANDLER and STEVEN LEE MYERS, April 26, 2012
The explanation is simple. China’s definition of long-term is decades and sometimes even centuries. Like a good chess player, they are thinking beyond the next three or four moves. Today in the United States, long term is November 2012. Our political system encourages our leaders to sacrifice our future, and the future of the next generation, for the sake of short-term gains. China is looking to gain influence in the world and it is in their interest to develop good relations with the west.

Update: April 29, 2012. China agrees to lend South Sudan $8-billion to build infrastructure.
             May 05, 2012  China allows blind dissident to apply for an education visa to the U.S..


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