Vice President Hillary Clinton

How did it evolve that Hillary Clinton will be the next Vice President of the United States? Simple, it is the logical thing to do.

Imagine hiding in the closet in the Oval Office. listening to a discussion between President Obama and David Axelrod, a top political aide to the President. They are discussing the current campaign to be reelected.

Obama starts out saying things look more positive then even three months ago. His approval ratings are rising, the unemployment picture is improving, the countries GDP is slowly climbing and the Republicans are beating themselves up in their primary campaign. Further, the Republican base cannot get excited over Romney and therefore they will not be fired up for the election. Obama says, “I could go for a good cigar right about now; however, with my luck just as I light up Michelle will walk in.”

Axelrod points out that there is still plenty of time before the election with plenty of potential problems on the horizon. They include, rising gas prices, the volatile situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the fuss over birth control and abortions related to health insurance. In addition, the Republicans are raising lots of money using Super PACS, Iran is trying to get a nuclear weapon and the Euro crisis could explode. Any of these issues could cause election problems and in all likelihood, at least one will.

The mood on the other side of the closet door became somber. The President got out of his chair and started pacing. Axelrod was stroking his chin, thinking. It seemed like five minutes past before anyone spoke. “EUREKA! I got it”, Axelrod said, “We are going to build you the best administration this country has ever had. As a result, the last four years of your Presidency will go down as one of the best administrations in history. You will not only be the first black President, you will be perceived as one of the best President’s we ever had.”

The President asked him to explain. Axelrod reminded the President that a while back Vice President Biden expressed a long time dream of his was to be the Secretary of State and at the time they both laughed, but agreed, he would be a good one. At the same time, both Axelrod and Obama knew that Hillary Clinton still has aspirations of becoming the President. Her chances improve greatly if she is the sitting Vice President. No one can beat her experience. She had eight years in the White House with Bill Clinton; she was a U.S. Senator from New York prior to becoming Secretary of State. She is well respected around the world. With her by your side, many issues facing this country will be solved.

Joe Biden is well liked internationally and he is tailor made to be Secretary of state. He will be like a pig in mud. Everyone wins. Most of all’ the country wins.

Obama smiles and says,”Where is that cigar.” Just then, you fall out of the closet and are taken away until after the announcement.

This is obviously fiction, but is a good idea that will happen.


  1. I have held this idea since 2008. And then she can run for President in 2016. This is long-term thinking at its best.

  2. This is a winning scenario.
    Will they have the balls to do it?
    I hope so!

  3. Well there are reasons this wasn't done in the first place, and I suspect those reasons still exist. Joe Biden is a very good veep in that he's buddies with many in the senate and it's rather important that the President be able to pull support in the houses when he needs it.

    It's not only a matter of being a "great president" or having the "best administration" on paper, politics are played at every hand and there needs to be a wildly complicated confluence of events at hand for the President to be able to get anything done these days. Being great requires the knowledge and manipulation of these games.

    Frankly, I like Hilary in a position where she can voice her opinions, and that's something the veep can never do.

  4. Only one thing wrong with this scenario: she far exceeds the current president and it would be an insult to her and the country to put her on the bottom of the ticket.

  5. SophieCT: Maybe she will honor us and do it for the good of the country.

  6. A good piece of fiction and let us hope it become reality.

  7. He better do it before Romney names his VP or it will reactionary!


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