Political Corruption: Russia vs. USA

Everyone in America is dismayed by the corruption going on in the Russian Presidential campaign by Vladimir Putin. Mr. Putin declared victory today while the BBC reported, “But opposition groups have reported widespread fraud, with many people said to have voted more than once. … They have called for mass protests in central Moscow on Monday.”

Here in America we shake our heads in disgust over such actions.

At the same time here in America we are in the middle of an election year that has also shown signs of corruption. Our corruption has been legalized by the Supreme Court when last summer they legalized unlimited contributions to political candidates by citizens and corporations, including those that are oligopolies.

Gingrich is getting almost all of his money from a billionaire casino owner in the south. Santorum is getting the bulk of his funds from a billionaire in Wyoming. Mir Romney has received a large portion of his funds from Wall Street contributors who work for the firms that gave us the sub prime loan.

Let us not forget President Obama. At first, the President declared that he was not going to accept any donations from these large contributors. He has changed his mind and now says he must raise money from these Super PAC’s or he will not be able to compete.

I have a question for all of you readers. Anyone who believes these large contributors do not expect special favors from there candidate if he becomes President, please raise your hand. I see 345 of you have raised your hand.

Now raise your hand if you believe the contributors expect special favors from the person they backed if he is fortunate to win. Wow! Several million of you raised you hand. What a surprise. Of course, they will expect favors.

I almost favor the Russion system. At least corruption is illegal even if it is difficult to prove. Here is what needs to be done.


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