Tools To Reduce Your Gas Bill!

We have the tools to substantially reduce this nations gas bill. It requires no drilling or exploration for new oil. It does not cause any inconvenience. It fact, it will be more convenient. It is time to unleash the new technology that we all use in our daily lives. It is the Internet, Skype, PCs, video cameras, texting, headphones, microphones and clouds.

A large percentage of Americans now work in an office. For most of them, there is no reason why they cannot work from home two or three days a week and avoid the daily commute. Employees and employers would need to get use to it. It should be limited to two or three days per week so everyone still has face to face contact on a regular basis. Managers would need to learn to manage from afar. Workers would need to gain new discipline.

A good place to start the experiment is a state and federal government. Start on a small scale and grow as the kinks are worked out.

Everyone wins.


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