Romney's Philosophy On Free Markets

I watched Mitt Romney’s speech in Detroit and found it to be a standard campaign speech telling the audience everything he will do for them and stating why Obama needs to be fired. This was the case until the very end when someone asked him his concerns about China's growing economic power. His answer was interesting.

He said he welcomed the competition that China provides on the economic front; however, he would demand that they compete fairly and comply with international trading rules. Per Romney, they are allowed to manipulate their currency and steal our technology secrets. "They are good competitors, and like all good competitors, will take every advantage they can get. As long as we allow it, they will continue doing so", Mr. Romney said.

My question is why do we allow oligopolies here in the United States to ignore anti-trust laws that were created to protect free markets? Will Mr. Romney apply the same standards he plans to impose on China to domestic corporations competing domestically? Will he protect free markets?

The United States was founded on the principle that everyone is born with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Early on, our ancestors decided, the best economic model to reach these pursuits was capitalism. Free markets were chosen to best attain the nations economic objectives. Capitalism is here to serve society. Society is not here to serve capitalism. Read More:


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