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Newt Gingrich: Wrong Perscription

We all make mistakes in life. THe problem is when they are made when you are older they cannot be corrected

"Shortly before the passage of President Obama’s stimulus bill in 2009, Newt Gingrich’s political committee put out a video of Mr. Gingrich denouncing it as a “big politician, big bureaucracy, pork-laden bill.”
But at the same time, Mr. Gingrich was cheering a $19 billion part of the package that promoted the use of electronic health records, something that benefited clients of his consulting business. “I am delighted that President Obama has picked this as a key part of the stimulus package,” he told health care executives in a January 2009 conference call. Gingrich Push on Health Care Appears at Odds With G.O.P,"  By  and , New York Times, ublished: December 16, 2011

Newt is what we do not need as President. He is a sly insider. He is in it for personal gain. He milked the system when he was in office and continued milking as an outsider. He was not alone. All of our Washington politicians do it. He just does it better and with a certain amount of class,

Our political and economic systems are broken and it is not by accident. Over the past 30 years many of our industries have been taken over by a small group of very large companies and turned into oligopolies.These oligopolies in turn have bought our politicians.

It will be a long fight and here is where we must begin.  More:


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