Complaints About Politicans!

  1. Why do politicians say they are for small business and they do nothing to protect small business from big business monopolies.? 
  2. Why does Obama complain about Wall Street firms and big banks and yet attend $40,000 per plate fund raising events with them and accepts their money?
  3. Why do Republicans say they are pro growth and be against investing in infrastructure that would make us more competitive in the future?
  4. .Why would the President complain about the banks and appoint a Senior Executive with Chase Bank as his chief of staff.
  5. Why are not other politicians, at least Democrats, giving Presidents Obama and Bush crefit for averting a depression in 2008?
  6. Why are Republicans giving up on the future of or country by refusing to invest in education.
  7. Why are rating agencies allowed to be bought off by the public companies that they are rating? Either this needs to change or the agencies need to be shut down. They are doing a disservice.


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