Adjust Taxes on Wealthy!

We need a temporary fix to our tax code and a major change to our "capitalistic" economic system that is currently broken.

In the long run, the issue is not how to tax the rich. It is about fixing capitalism and free markets If capitalism was fixed, we would have a more even distribution of income and tax revenues would come from a wider base of our population.

Fixing our free market system takes time. It took us thirty years to break it and it will not be fixed overnight. Our President needs to continue to mimic Teddy Roosevelt. He needs to enforce anti-trust laws, enact a "to big to exist" law against financial institutions and reform rules governing credit rating agencies, To get this done, we will need to amend the constitution to ban corporate and unions from making campaign contributions. Right now they own our politicians.

All of this takes time and we have run out of time. As a result, we need to amend our tax code in a manner that enables us to receive more money from the wealthy. This is reasonable and fair. To a great extent it is the wealthy who has benefited the most from the destruction of capitalism including our free markets.. 


  1. I'm not particularly a grammar nazi, but my time is precious to me. Grammar errors are a clue to me about how serious you are.

  2. Thanks for your advice. I have eye surgery scheduled in January which should help; however, I admit I need to improve.

    Remember, good ideas are not destroyed by poor grammar.


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