Super Committee Sham!

The Congress and the committee are playing with the American psychic and this is abominable. It was never about finding a solution to the deficit. It was all political.The Republicans deserve most of the blame. It was more important to keep their promise to Grover Norquist than their fiduciary responsibility to the American people and the country. The reason is simple; Grover is a big fund raiser.

Some Democrats, rather than looking out for the long term interest of the country, are more interested in keeping the votes of existing seniors and those on social security. They are willing to sacrifice the future of the country for this constituency.

Now it is coming to light that the November 23rd deadline was really no deadline at all. Nothing is enacted until 2013 so Congress will have a full year to keep the country and world on edge. What a sham! No wonder the rest of the world is scrambling to be friends of China.

Our elected officials look at their positions as a high paying prestigious career path; not as a calling to serve their country. This needs to change. A constitutional amendment needs to be passed prohibiting corporations and unions from making campaign contributions. Further, their salaries and perks need to be reduced. All Americans must sacrifice; including our "Royalty". More:


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