Super Committee & Sequestration

The Super Committee has failed resulting in automatic cuts of $600-billion in both defense and non-defense spending beginning in 2013. This sequestration provision demonstrates how thoughtless lawmakers really are. They agreed to $600-billion in military cuts without forecasting our military needs in the future.

Military spending is not discretionary. It is necessary in this world for our survival. Before answering what must be cut we must first identify what we need. The President is just as guilty of jumping the gun by saying he will veto any attempts by Congress to try and reduce the required military cuts. First, let's determine what is needed.

I personally believe we can find more than $600-billion in practical cuts to our defense budget, however it must be reviewed.  For one thing, we need to stop being the military for other parts of the world including Germany, Japan, Korea and the rest of Europe.  They either need to pay part of our defense budget or get their own armies. By subsidizing their defense, we are subsidizing their economies. No wonder Germany and Japan are kicking our butts when it comes to exports.

It is time our politicans do things right. It is not time to stop legislating and start campaigning. It is time to get things done by doing it right! More:


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