China Winning World War III

He who plans for the future usually does better than the one who takes one day at a time. This is why China is quickly becoming the number one power in the world and the United States is slipping. Chinese history and culture goes back more than 3,000 years. The history of the United States covers only 235 years. This is the basis of their long-term perspective.

Much of America's population living today takes for granted that we are the leading country in the world, both economically and militarily. Many in this country believe that God endowed us to be the leader in the world. If one believes that God created America to lead the world, us mortals living in America have less urgency to compete because we know God is on our side. I have some stunning news; God also created the Chinese.

In the 1980's China figured out that they could take our wealth by selling us cheap consumer goods and recycle our money back to us by buying our debt. In this manner our spending did not stop while they were quietly draining our wealth. The same thing happened with the purchase of foreign oil. We gave up some of our wealth every time we purchase oil from the middle east. We did not mind because we just ran up debt; both personally and as a nation.

America is losing its position in the world not because the Chinese are smarter than we are. We are losing because the Chinese are more determined and patient than we are. Many of us will blame the politicians and they should  be held accountable. In our society it is we the people who must hold them accountable and we have done a poor job. Instead of looking out for what is best for the country we only look out for our interest  without regard for the long term ramifications of the country. If we have any desire to provide a good life to our heirs, we better also start looking out for the countries interest.

The Democrats better stop solely concentrating on the programs geared for tomorrow's Seniors and the Republicans better adjust their thinking relative to what "free markets" really mean.  They are not protecting free markets and they are ignoring what unregulated industries can do to our present and future. 


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