Cain Selling Books

What a brilliant marketing idea. You are a black, male American that has had a successful business career and you decide to write a book. Although successful, you are not a household word in America. and you are sitting in boxers in your living room, having a beer and trying to figure out how you can sell more books with a small budget. You glance at the TV and the national news is on discussing the upcoming race to become the Republican Presidential nominee. You put your beer down and listen. BINGO!

You smile and yell "genius" and you start laughing like Eddie Murphy in the movie Beverly Hills Cops. What a con! You start to think; if I announce my effort to become the Republican candidate for President I get instant national exposure and recognition, my face is on television, I am invited on talk shows and I am covered by national newspapers like the New York Times. To top it all off, the publicity stunt cost me nothing because I will be able to raise campaign funds to cover the cost of my campaign.  To keep the attention of the media you decide to throw in a sex scandal after a couple months This could be fun.

You break into another Eddie Murphy laugh and finish your beer and say to yourself "brilliant".


  1. Betty Anne ScherrmanNovember 29, 2011 at 1:19 PM

    Have you noted that every stop in Iowa by GINGRICH and the present WIFE....has a book selling does the Woman from MN,,,out shilling the book,,,,

  2. Recession what recession? Look how the President has helped the GOP become #1 on the NY best sellers list.

    Hating Obama has become big business. What will Beck, Malkin, Levin, Hannity, Oreilly, Newt and Herman do if we have a Republican President next year? What will they be able to write about that will sell?


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