America: Make It Great Again!

"We are slowly — and painfully — being forced to realize that we are no longer the America of our imaginations. Our greatness was not enshrined. Being a world leader is less about destiny than focused determination, and it is there that we have faltered." America's Exploding Pipe Dream,  Charles Blow, New York Times, October 29, 2011
One can agree with most of what is said above except for one major point. Blow makes it sound like it is over. It is not over unless we believe it is over. What made our nation great is not its founders and it is not its constitution and rule of law; however, these were pillars on which this great country could be built.

The greatness of the United States is the people who had a dream and came here determined to fill that dream. They knew it would be a struggle. They knew there would be setbacks. They knew that sacrifices would have to be made. They knew that some among them would not share the dream  and try to take undue advantage of our optimism. They came and continued to dream and were willing to work hard, and fight if need be, to attain their dream.

The dream is still alive. When Martin Luther King said "I have a dream" he was not only speaking to black Americans. He was speaking to all Americans; present and future. The dream is alive and will become reality if we chose to make it reality. I look at the Tea Party and conclude they don't think it is over. I look at the Occupy Group and they are not saying it is over. I read parts of the Constitution and there is nothing indicating that it is over. I talk to my neighbors, who are disgusted with the direction of the country; however, they do not say it is over.

Yes, our beloved country has been driven off course. Yes, we have squandered some of the progress that we have made. Yes, many of our current politicians seek office as a career path to personal wealth and fame instead of being the stewards driving this country to greatness. Yes, the world is more competitive than it has ever been. Yes, our Union is not perfect and it never was or will be.

All of our problems can be fixed and the only obstacle standing in the way is ourselves and our willingness to work hard to bring about the necessary changes. This country is still "of the people, by the people".

Well People let's do it. Doing it includes amending the constitution removing the ability of unions and corporations from buying our politicans with campaign bribes. Doing it means holding our elected offical accountable to we the people Doing it means not giving up.


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