Corrupt College Football!

College football is corrupt and  is hurting our countries competitiveness with the rest of the world. As we are encouraging our youth to spend all of their time making it "big" as a professional athlete, China, India and other countries are stressing education. The result is we have the best football players in the world and losing the bigger battle of competing economically on a global scale.

Our college athletes are taken advantage of by the schools they play for, ESPN and other television networks. The schools and networks are raking in the money while our youth are working hard to make it big as a professional athlete. College football is further damaged by the "consolidation" and creation of "super conferences" to increase revenues for the few and create a disadvantage for those schools who are not in these super conferences.

Think of all the time wasted by young boys and girls who dream of becoming a professional athlete. Less than 2% percent of them make it to the big time. The remaining 98% would have been better prepared for the future by applying themselves to school work. They will not be able to compete against the youth of other countries who spent their time getting educated.

Intercollegiate football should be eliminated and a "minor league" created patterened after baseball. The Romans wasted lives by forcing some to be gladiators. The gladiators were not paid for their work and the college football player is not earning his fair share of the "take" that television and the schools make The only financial reward for the student is "under the table". We are wasting minds and our future by putting football on a pedestal that it does not deserve. Our society glorifies the athlete and gives little recognition to the high performing student on whom the future of the country depends.

Sports in college should be looked at as a form of recreation and exercise. While participating in these activities one can learn the value of hard work and teamwork. If an individual wants to pursue a career in sports he or she should try out for the "minors". and not detract from the principle mission of an education.

Wake up America. It makes you wonder if this is related to the  lack of scruples in big business. College football, like big business, is controlled by an oligopoly of large conferences and television. Greed trumps wisdom.


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