Obama's Jobs To Do List

  • Stay on the road talking to the voters about the urgency of getting it done and implemented.
  • Put Biden on the road and maybe Bill Clinton.
  • Outwardly solicit ideas for prioritizing what jobs/projects to start working on. Get input from Congress, Industry, labor and economists. The decision should be based on the optimization of return on investment and the speed at which jobs can be created. Go down the list until the entire stimulus is used
  • Consider having union members accept a temporary "below market" wage so more can be hired. Ubion members should be willing to help out other union members.
  • Simultaneously, set up a structure to address the deficit problem. This is a good start.
  • List to be expanded.  Please provide your ideas by sending in comments. Let's kick butt.


  1. Increasing the retirement age to 67 or 70
    Creating higher deductibles for Medicare and Medicaid
    Perhaps creating a Value Added Tax. Tax consumption; not savings
    Eliminate the interest paid on home mortgages as a tax deduction
    Enforce anti-trust laws to create competition and thus lower the cost of goods and services by forcing the board of directors and executives to hold down cost including the egregious salaries being paid to executives in big business corporate America. This includes the health care and banking industries.
    Disallow those who are not citizens of this country, and who cannot vote for our politicians, to be able to buy votes by making political contributions.
    Recognize that we should not and cannot be the military defenders of the entire world
    Individually saving more and spending less.
    Consolidating the administration of school districts; not the teaching function.
    Reducing the burden on our court system by legalizing and regulating marijuana usage similar to alcohol


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