GO BIG: Do It Right So Do It Later.

The Super Committee is not super enough to "Go Big" now and as my Dad use to say "If you can't do it right, don't do it at all." There has been much skepticism whether the committee could find $1.5 trillion in cuts by their due date Why is everyone now pushing to have the Committee even go bigger?

We need to reduce our debt substantially greater than $1.5 trillion; however, we need to do it with forethought. Our leaders need to show some leadership instead of getting up every morning and sticking their finger out the window to see what way the wind is blowing. The decisions that are made by the Super Committee will affect the country for decades to come. IT MUST BE DONE RIGHT! A few extra months to do it right makes sense..Here is an outline of what must be done:  http://bit.ly/nJ9f4w 


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