Great Time For Public Investment

If we ignore the fact that we have high unemployment, we still need to repair our infrastructure, upgrade education, modernize airports, upgrade the internet, drill for oil, find alternative sources of energy.and more. We need to do these things for our "general welfare".

We need to invest in the above for our future. The question is do we do it now or later. It seems to me we do it now. Interest rates are low and our workforce is underutilized.

What are we waiting for?


  1. I agree wholeheartedly that we do need to invest in our infrastructure and that now is a good time to do it because interest rates are low and there is a surplus of labor. The problem, however, is that good infrastructure investment requires planning that takes time. If we rush hog-wild into new infrastructure projects without taking the time to think things through, then we'll probably get new roads for a few congress members' districts and the proverbial "bridge to nowhere" rather than new or upgraded infrastructure where it is most needed or makes the most sense.


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