Boehner for Geithner

Boehner asks for Geithner's resignation. Let's make a trade, Boehner for Geithner. This is ridicules. The reason our debt rating has been downgraded is the republicans held the country hostage. This in turn caused S & P and the rest of the world to wonder about our leaders ability to lead.

Perhaps Boehner should consider stepping down because he lost control of his party to a fringe element that were too ignorant to realize what they were doing. Boehner's statement is like the kettle calling the pot black. Both sides need to shut up and get the job done.

Our leaders then set up the Super Committee that is destined to fail again. Quit looking for votes and bribes from "campaign contributors" and do your work. Read more

Books on Topic
Stupid Is As Stupid Does!  John Boehner: An Unauthorized Biography Beiträge zur Umweltverträglichkeitsuntersuchung Flutung Tagebaurestloch Mücheln/Geiseltalsee (German Edition)


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