Give 90 Minutes To See Countries Light!

This is a must see. Thomas Friedman, columnist at the New York Times, talks at the Aspen Ideas Festival about the status of the nation. He advocates the need for a third party that is not sipping spiked tea. A core problem facing the nation is that our current parties cannot reach a consensus. . .

There was a 90 minute video posted here of Thomas Friedman discussing his ideas of what this country needs to do to get back on track. I removed the video because I have on several occasions tried to post comments to several of his articles in the Times and have been denied. I am posting comments on the New York Times all the time and his column is the only one where I have been blocked. So I figured, "What the hell".

Now I know Tom will never know of my retaliation and in the totality of his column my thoughts are not that important; however, pulling his video sure does give me allot of satisfaction.

Hunt down the video and watch it. It is good! In the meantime enjoy this replacement.


  1. Yeah, we need a third party to dilute the vote of one of the two parties; so they can win. Clever. Been there done that.


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