Spineless Republicans

"The distinctive visions of the two parties — social-democratic vs. limited-government — have underlain every debate on every issue since Barack Obama’s inauguration: the stimulus, the auto bailouts, health-care reform, financial regulation, deficit spending. Everything." By , Washington Post, July 28 
Let's get some facts straight about what Obama did and the result.

1. The stimulus. If we did not have a stimulus including TARP we would be in worse shape than we are now. We would be in a depression. The problem with this statement is it cannot be proven; however, most economists agree.

2. The Auto bailout. The same holds true. It worked and if it was not done we would have a much larger unemployment problem and a depression. The industry was just to large and a typical bankruptcy would not have worked because it would have taken too long.

3. Health care reform. This was a mistake. We need health care reform; however, the timing was bad and it should have relied more on the private sector. Part of the solution should have been to break up the oligopolies that control the industry.

4. Financial Reform. It did not go far enough. Again, the industry is controlled by oligopolies that need to be broken up. It is governments job to protect free markets and it is not doing this. Why are conservatives not screaming about this. Could it be where their campaign contributions come from?

5. Deficit spending. We should be investing in our future now. Money is cheap and much needs to be done including fixing roads, upgrading the internet, improving education, drilling for oil, developing alternative energies, building high speed rail where it is needed, demolishing abandoned and ruined properties in urban area and others. These are investments that are needed for our future and the side affect is jobs are created.

6. Everything. I hope everything does not include the color of the Presidents skin. He is a brilliant man who was inexperienced and is too political just like everyone in Washington. The alternative was to elect someone who showed poor judgement when nominating a vice presidential candidate from nowhere. When I say nowhere I do not mean Alaska. I mean she was not vetted properly and overtime she has proven that she was not qualified.

7. Federal Deficit. It needs to be cut; however, it should be done with extensive thought; not with a gun to our head.

I am a 1990's conservative. Today that makes me a liberal in the eyes of the Tea Party who has gained control of the Republican party. The Republicans have lost their spine.


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