Who We Are Is What We Get!

Our government mimics its people. My generation, the baby boomers, lived for today, leveraged their earnings by going in debt and consumed like drunken sailors

If we are going to stay strong as a nation this must change. At the end of World War II we were the last country standing and consuming. This is no longer the case. Other countries are gaining strength. This will put more pressure on the worlds resources.

Our politicians must get the message that we must change. This does not mean that we must make draconian cuts to social programs as suggested by some conservatives. It does mean we need to be responsible. We need to consume less and invest more. We must reduce the expenditures of the federal government, raise the taxes of the wealthy and make our markets free again. Right now they are not free

In China the central government controls the economy. In this country, our economy is controlled more and more by oligopolies controlling large industries. These oligopolies control our politicians by egregious campaign contributions. This is more lethal because the public still believes we have free markets,


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