Free Speech & Oligopolies

When the Supreme Court ruled that money equals speech 35 years ago, it was responding to forces of technology and economics reshaping American politics that made it much more expensive to run a campaign. While ruling that public financing and limits on contributions are valid ways to limit donors’ undue influence, it struck down candidate, campaign and independent spending limits.
Now the court’s conservative majority is again reshaping politics, ruling that what matters most for money and speech is their “fair market” impact. The result will be closer scrutiny of public financing, while enabling even more rampant spending by wealthy candidates.New York Times, April 12,2011
We are in drastic times and it requires drastic action. We need an amendment to the constitution to bring back free speech. It is not free if how much you can speak depends on how much money you have.

Interference with markets by oligopolies destroys "free markets". Now it seems that these oligopolies also can destroy our free speech by buying votes to assure the longevity of their control.

No wonder our politicians are not doing anything about it. They are making too much money off the scam.


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